LGBTQ+ Horror Comedy SUMMONING SYLVIA Announces Its Cast

Summoning Sylvia First Still

Travis Coles and Michael Urie have been tapped to star in Summoning Sylvia. The movie recently wrapped production and has finally announced its cast: Frankie Grande, Nicholas Logan, Troy Iwata, Noah Ricketts, Sean Grandillo, Camden Garcia, and Veanne Cox. That’s a big cast announcement! The film was written and directed by Wesley Taylor and Alex Wyse. You might remember them as the creators of Indoor Boys.

Larry (Coles) and his three best friends Nico (Grande), Reggie (Iwata) and Kevin (Ricketts) take off for a weekend getaway at a haunted house. But Larry forgot he’d promised his Fiance Jamie (Urie) that he’d entertain his mysterious future brother-in-law Harrison (Logan) that same weekend. After he invites Harrison to join the proceedings, the four friends perform a seance to summon the ghost of a woman who murdered her son a century ago.

That’s a wild setup for a ghost story. Summoning Sylvia looks to be a hilarious romp through the perils of ouija while on vacation. You might remember Urie from his 2 years on The Good Wife. Heck, you might also remember his Screen Actors Guild nomination for his portrayal of Marc St. James in Ugly Betty. If you didn’t know Coles, he played Corey in Superstore for 3 seasons.

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