MENTAL HEALTH AND HORROR: Clip Shows FREAKY Scribe Talking Stigma

Scary movies and our moods can sometimes go hand in hand. Director Jonathan Barkan understands that all too well. His new film, Mental Health and Horror, is currently being kickstarted. The writer of the Blumhouse-produced Freaky, Michael Kennedy, talks about the stigma surrounding horror in a new clip from the documentary. You can check out a clip from the film featuring Kennedy below.

A feature-length documentary about the positive impacts and cathartic releases that horror can have on those living with mental illnesses, and will feature interviews from horror fans, film critics, film historians, filmmakers, producers, writers, and professionals from the mental health world.

Horror takes the blame far too often for societal ills and generally any bad thing that happens. Also, as horror fans, know that’s not the truth. But, horror is transformative in the sense that it can help people work through fears. Some of our favorite horror films can help us through absolutely rough spots. Mental Health and Horror seeks to expand on that idea. Whenever I’m bummed, I know I can sit down and watch my all-time favorite horror movie, 2015’s Dude Bro Party Massacre III. I love that movie.

Mental Health and Horror is currently on Kickstarter. So, If you wanna kick in, you can do so here. Anyways, are you excited about the film? Join the conversation in the comments and on Instagram and Twitter @DreadCentral. Also, we’re on Facebook. I’m Jans. I write news. You can tell me your favorite comfort horror movie on Twitter @HorrorPlayed.



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