Rumors Place Gyllenhaal to Lead New SALEM’S LOT

Murmurs indicate Gyllenhaal is being tapped to play reluctant vampire hunter Ben Mears in SALEM'S LOT!

Oh, this is a good one folks. The people over at theIlluminderi.com are claiming that Jake Gyllenhaal has been tapped to play the lead roll of Ben Mears in New Line’s Salem’s Lot adaptation. If he actually takes the spot, he joins two other illustrious talents in the Ben Mears spot: David Soul in the 1975 version and Rob Lowe in the more recent 2004 mini-series.

Of course I’m not verifying this. Rumors are just that: Rumors. It’s still a fun bit of casting for a new Salem’s Lot. Even if Gyllenhall isn’t on board, we do have a confirmed writer/director in Gary Dauberman. Gary Dauberman, for those of you scratching your heads and saying, “who?”, is the scribe behind all of the Annabelle movies. He even directed Annabelle Comes Home. He also co-wrote 2017’s IT and was the sole writer for IT: Chapter Two.

Dauberman brings a strong horror pedigree to this version of Salem’s Lot. Stephen King adaptations are a cottage industry. More than 50 films have been made based on his work. Recently, they’ve been insanely profitable. You’d be hard-pressed to find a boutique subscription service that hasn’t propped itself up with a bit of King.

Salem’s Lot is the story of the ominous Straker moving into the eponymous Lot and bringing along some really dark cargo. What follows is a battle for the soul of the town. It features some solid lore. Also there are vampires! Rumors place Christoph Waltz (Inglorious Basterds) as in the running for the role of Straker. Once again. It’s all rumors.

Salems Lot poster - Rumors Place Gyllenhaal to Lead New SALEM'S LOT

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