GRIMMFEST 2021 Returns with Live Screenings + Dates, Partners, Special Guests & Jury

Live Screenings are back at Manchester's GRIMMFEST! Find out dates, partners, special guests, and jury members below!

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Grimmfest is back, and to quote Colin Clive’s Baron Frankenstein: “It’s alive!”

After over a year of “home invasions” in the form of virtual screenings and online events, this October Manchester’s Grimmfest will be returning to the cinema. The festival team is delighted to announce that from October 7th through 10th, they’ll be teaming up with their regular venue partner, the Odeon Great Northern for a live event.

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Organizers just revealed that they’ll be joined by a true icon of genre cinema. Their guest of honor is the incomparable Dee Wallace, recipient of this year’s Grimmfest Lifetime Achievement Award. They’ll be celebrating a remarkable five-decade career that ranges from such classics as The Stepford Wives, The Hills Have Eyes, The Howling, E.T., Cujo, and Critters, to equally boundary-pushing recent films such as Rob Zombie’s The Lords of Salem and James Suttles’ The Nest, which recently had its World Premiere at Grimmfest.

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Dee Wallace

Right now, celebrating the genre, and those who have done so much to shape it, seems more important than ever before, alongside highlighting new, exciting cutting-edge genre movies from all over the world. With that in mind, Grimmfest will once again host their annual awards; from “Best Feature Film” to “Best Scare”, there will be 12 awards up for grabs and every selected film will be eligible and viewed by our Jury of industry professionals. This year’s Jury includes Horror Channel head honcho Stewart Bridle and the multi-talented director, actress, and screenwriter Brea Grant (12 Hour Shift).

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Brea Grant

This year has been a tough one for festivals, and even more so for cinemas and exhibitors. Film festivals are by their very nature, social and public events; a celebration of cinema as a collective experience and a chance to meet up, watch films and discuss them with like-minded people.

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The Grimmfest Team has been genuinely honored by the extent to which their audience has stuck with them, embracing the online format, and working with them to maintain a collective experience throughout the pandemic.

Now it’s time to finally embrace the cinema experience once more. Four whole days of movie premieres, Q&As, talks, parties and exclusive events. All taking place in a real cinema with the support of the Odeon.

And for those of you who have enjoyed Grimmfest online, they also plan to have an associated virtual festival reflecting the live event and enabling those who are unable to join them physically, to enjoy the show at home.

“The response to our online festival during the pandemic was incredible and revealed that people will always find a way to discover and enjoy new cinematic voices, whatever the circumstances,” says Grimmfest festival director Simeon Halligan. “As we venture back into cinemas, Grimmfest 2021 will also maintain its virtual presence for those who are unable to attend in person.”

“At Odeon, we pride ourselves on being the destination of choice for film lovers – whether your passion is for blockbuster action films, family favorites, or cult horror classics,” says Odeon events exec Bill Brock. “We know film-lovers have been missing the big-screen experience over the past year, so we’re very pleased to be supporting Grimmfest again. It has never been so important to come together and celebrate cinema with like-minded film fans, and we look forward to seeing more events like this take place in the near future.”

Grimmfest subscribes to the “F Rating” system, designed to highlight women on screen and behind the camera, and developed at Bath Film Festival in 2014. The F-Rating is awarded to films directed by and/or written by women. If the film also stars significant women in their own right, the film is Triple F-Rated.

Stay tuned for more details reagrding Grimmfest 2021 has the festival date approaches!

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