Our Very Own Jerry Smith Wins a Vesuvius Award for Best Score!

Huge congratulations to our very own @jerryisjustOK for winning a Vesuvius award for his score for @onStreamPro's short Hangnail!

If you’ve been reading Dread Central for any length of time, you know Jerry Smith. He’s been part of the Dread Central family for years. You have read his fantastic pieces on the site, but did you know he’s an incredibly talented musician, too?

The good folk over at the Vesuvius International Film Festival have recognised Jerry’s talent by awarding the Best Original Score award for his work on Hangnail, a short film directed by Colin MacDonald and scored by the one and only, Jerry Smith.

Jerry’s writing is one of the reasons why I wanted to join Dread Central to begin with. If you want to know why, I suggest you check some of his latest stuff out:

If you want to know Jerry beyond his writing, his music project Rainy Days for Ghosts has some of the most hauntingly beautiful electronic music known to humankind. His latest EP, Division, is a personal favorite of mine:

Whether through his music or writing, though, Jerry is a never-ending source of inspiration for all of us here at Dread Central, and we could not be happier, or prouder, to have him as part of this family.

Congratulations on the award, Jerry!