Hellsing Moving From Manga Series to Big Screen; David Goyer to Direct

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Fans of the Hellsing manga series are going to be thrilled to hear the news that Solar Eclipse Films is currently elbow-deep in creating the official Hellsing movie, and the co-writer of the entire Dark Knight trilogy, David S. Goyer, is slated to direct.

UPDATE: David Goyer Addresses Hellsing Rumors

Solar Eclipse Films purchased the rights to Hellsing after a five-year process and plans to begin filming in early to mid 2013. With Goyer in tow to direct, the production company is in the process of bringing some huge names to the cast. More info on that as we get it. Hellsing will be the first in a series of films, but the initial movie will focus on the first four manga books.

Asim Ahmad is the writer and will be playing the role of Alucard. (Asim will also be playing Professor Michael Morbius in The Amazing Spider-Man 2. Nice!) Jake Sharp will play the role of Father Anderson with Ana Johnsson as Integra and Daniel Bernhardt as Walter.

We’ll have plenty more in this in the weeks and months to come, but to stay absolutely current, visit the official Hellsing website, “like” Hellsing on Facebook and follow Hellsing on Twitter (@Hellsing_movie).

The Hellsing Organization is a secret division of the British Government formed to hunt down and eradicate any supernatural and satanic threats to the nation’s security and to the throne and has done so for generations. Now a threat looms that could possibly wipe out all life on Earth, and it’s up to Hellsing and its top agent, the vampire Alucard, to find the evil force and vanquish it, once and for all.

Hellsing Moving From Manga Series to Big Screen, David Goyer to Direct

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