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Exclusive: Brit Morgan Talks The Frozen, Reflects on True Blood and More



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She played bad girl Debbie Pelt on several seasons of HBO’s “True Blood,” but now up-and-coming actress Brit Morgan is tackling snowmobile accidents, creepy strangers and being stuck stranded in the middle of a wintry forest for her latest thriller The Frozen.

Written and directed by Andrew Hyatt, The Frozen follows a young couple (Morgan and Seth David Mitchell) on a weekend getaway in a remote wooded area whose snowmobile takes a dive during an accident, leaving the pair stranded waiting for help; things get even worse when a mysterious hunter (Noah Segan) shows up, and suddenly surviving the freezing cold may be the very least of their problems once his presence begins to trigger a chain of terrifying events.

Recently Dread Central hopped on the phone with Morgan to discuss her experiences making the indie thriller The Frozen and why the challenging shoot appealed to her more adventurous side; we also chatted with the actress about her recent role as the troubled junkie Debbie on “True Blood,” who unfortunately met the wrong side of Sookie’s shotgun at the end of the 2011 season.

Check out the highlights from our exclusive interview with Morgan below, and look for The Frozen on DVD and VOD everywhere tomorrow, December 18th, courtesy of Arc Entertainment.

Dread Central: First of all, great job on this movie- I think what you guys managed to pull off in 13 days of shooting without a huge budget is pretty incredible.

Brit Morgan: Thanks so much! I’m really proud of this movie; I think people should definitely keep in mind the budget we had when we made this because I think that demonstrates just how much we all put into this project, including Andrew. We just went out there without a safety net and made a great little movie.

Dread Central: I’m sure when you read the script you could anticipate some of what you guys were going to have to endure in order to make The Frozen, but was there anything that really could prepare you for what you had to go through while making the movie?

Brit Morgan: You know…yes, I knew this was going to hard; probably the hardest thing I was ever going to make so of course you have to go in ‘prepared,’ but honestly, it ended up being a lot more intense than maybe I was ready for. So I guess maybe had I really known just how hard it would be to be out in those woods, freezing and trekking through all the snow like we did, maybe I would have chickened out early on (laughs). I’m just really glad I didn’t second-guess myself too much before we went to shoot it or I might not have done it; looking back, though, of course it was all worth it.

It also forced me to discover a more adventurous side to myself, too, and really made all of my own ‘survival instincts’ kick in big time.

Dread Central: I really enjoyed that this wasn’t your typical ‘survival’ movie either; was that part of the appeal for you since it wasn’t a typical heroine role?

Brit Morgan: Yes, absolutely. The story wasn’t typical and my character Emma wasn’t typical either; she was complicated and makes real mistakes, which I thought was very relatable. Another thing that really appealed to me was that Emma was a strong character; she wasn’t going to just wait around and be rescued or become a victim either- she’s forced to become a badass, and that’s not a character I’ve done before, which I loved.

Dread Central: Because so much of The Frozen rested on your shoulders, did that add any pressure to you in regards to your performance?

Brit Morgan: Oh, definitely; I felt huge pressure while working on this movie because if I couldn’t live up to the script, the whole movie would fail so I knew I had to really step it up. I’ve never done anything like this before, and not only am I alone for a big chunk of the movie, but there’s also not a ton of dialogue either so I really had to get into my character’s head but, in some ways, in my own head, too. It was a truly amazing challenge to make this movie, but I loved it.

Dread Central: I know it’s been over a year or so now, but I just wanted to mention how much I enjoyed your work on “True Blood”; I thought Debbie was such a great foil to Sookie but also very tragic in her own ways.

Brit Morgan: Oh thank you! Yeah, I loved Debbie- I never saw her as a villain at all. She had a lot of problems, but everything she did was always out of her love for Alcide. Debbie was a lost soul, and I think, as an actor, if you ever start to judge your character, then you lose authenticity. You have to love them unconditionally because that’s the only way you can play things honestly as a performer. Plus, people do crazy things out of love, which I think is something we all can relate to (laughs).

Mike (Mitchell) and Emma (Morgan) take an ill-advised winter camping trip and get stranded in the woods after a snowmobile accident. When he disappears, she is left on her own not only to battle the elements but also to elude a mysterious man (Segan) who has been tracking her through the forest.

The Frozen to Induce Chills on VOD

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