Horror History: Oren Peli’s AREA 51 is Now 6 Years Old

Area 51

Oren Peli is best known as the mastermind behind the Paranormal Activity franchise. Though he only directed the first installment, he wrote screenplays for all of the PA films and serves as a producer. But Paranormal Activity doesn’t represent the filmmakers only foray into found-footage horror films. On this day in 2015, Peli released Area 51.

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Check out the trailer and synopsis for Area 51 below.

Equipped with cameras, a group of UFO-obsessed friends, and wannabee investigative journalists want to be the first to find out what is actually true of the legend about Area 51. They discover things that would have been best kept hidden.

Peli directs Area 51 from a screenplay he co-wrote with Christopher Denham; the film stars Reid Warner, Darrin Bragg, and Ben Rovner.

The Las Vegas TV reporter George Knapp has an uncredited appearance in the beginning of the film. Knapp became known nationally in the late 1980s by reporting the story of Bob Lazar, who claimed to have worked on extraterrestrial UFOs at the secretive Area 51, S4 section. (Source)

Towards the end, the scene when Reid finds Jelena, is very close to the original Blair Witch Project (1999), when Heather finds Joshua standing on a corner (Source)

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Area 51 Poster - Horror History: Oren Peli's AREA 51 is Now 6 Years Old

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