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Exclusive: Composer Kevin Riepl Talks Silent Night



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Exclusive Interview: Composer Kevin Riepl Talks Silent Night The holidays are not complete without viewing a few horror classics, and fans will be able to watch Steven C. Miller’s Silent Night in limited theaters on November 30th and pick up the Blu-ray/DVD on December 4th. We sat down with soundtrack composer Kevin Riepl to get some terrifyingly bloody details on the upcoming film!

The soundtrack hit iTunes (click here to order) yesterday; to learn more about Kevin, visit KevinRiepl.com.

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AMANDA DYAR: For the new film Silent Night, you composed a chilling soundtrack for a horror film set during the holidays. How were you able to incorporate or take the festive sounds of Christmas that normally bring happy thoughts to people’s minds and make them frightening for Silent Night?

KEVIN RIEPL: To be honest, I initially started off thinking that I didn’t want to incorporate the ‘usual’ sounds of the holidays, especially sleigh bells. I originally wanted to do something different, something that was still reminiscent of that holiday sound. However, when I started scoring the film, placing sleigh bells over intense, scary horror-driven music made more sense. Using those simple familiar sounds we all know to be associated with the holidays turned out to be the best approach. It really brought home that warm and fuzzy feeling, but then to have your face ripped off with underlying horror music. Also, being that the film is indeed called Silent Night, I took the liberty to warp the pleasant melody that has been engrained in our psyche for countless years.

AMANDA: There are certain Christmas songs and remakes that always seem to make their way into films set around the holidays. Were there any classic songs that were included in your soundtrack, and what inspirations did you use to create some of the songs for the soundtrack?

KEVIN: All the songs in the soundtrack are existing songs that were licensed to be used in the film. All of them are in their classic form. Some of the melodies I created throughout the film were inspired from the good old Christmas standards.

Exclusive Interview: Composer Kevin Riepl Talks Silent Night

AMANDA: You’ve worked on other horror soundtracks in your career, including Alien: Colonial Marines and Dead Shadows. How did your work on Silent Night differ from other horror projects, and what was more difficult about creating the soundtrack for this new film?

KEVIN: The one obvious factor that separates this soundtrack from others is the fact that it’s a holiday-themed horror film. There was nothing really ‘difficult’ about the process of creating this score. The one aspect that was integral, though, was to convey that holiday vibe and sense of comfort while at the same time pulling the rug out from under you when all mayhem ensues.

AMANDA: We know Silent Night will feature a fantastic soundtrack as one of the many reasons fans should check out the new film in theaters if they can, and we wonder if you were able to see the finished film yet. What did you think of the film, and why should horror fans run out to theaters to see the new movie this holiday season?

KEVIN: I have indeed seen the finished film. It turned out really great, and I am really happy with what I delivered. Everyone involved from start to finish did a bang up job. I think horror fans will thoroughly enjoy it, one reason being that it’s a film that turns the Christmas season into a messy bloodbath… Is there another reason? It’s a fun and wild ride, AND Santa is crazy!

This is the second film I have worked on with director Steven C. Miller. It’s been another awesome experience, and I do hope it continues because he is definitely a director to keep an eye on, not to mention he is a lot of fun to work with.

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Silent Night Theatrical Plans Unveiled

Silent Night Theatrical Plans Unveiled

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