Horror Comedy Kill Me Now Getting the Tugg Treatment; Request a Screening in Your Town!

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In December horror comedy Kill Me Now will begin rolling out in theatres via the Tugg platform, and we have info on screenings already scheduled as well as how you can bring the film to your own town.

You can join in on the following showings already booked (get more info here):

December 05 – New York City, NY, 7:30pm at Landmark’s Sunshine Cinema
Co-star Kaitlin Large (“Agents of Cracked” & “Tyson the Mad Poodle”) presents Kill Me Now

December 05 – Pasadena, CA, 7:30pm at Laemmle Playhouse 7
Writer/co-star Michael Swaim (“Agents of Cracked” & “Those Aren’t Muskets”) presents Kill Me Now

December 06 – Chicago, IL, 7:30pm at AMC River East 21
Director Travis Long presents Kill Me Now

December 06 – San Diego, CA, 7:30pm at Landmark Hillcrest Cinemas
Ike Films, Those Aren’t Muskets! and Ketchup Entertainment presents Kill Me Now

December 27 – Houston, TX, 9:00pm at Studio Movie Grill City Centre
Ike Films, Ketchup Entertainment and Those Aren’t Muskets! presents Kill Me Now

Your city not on the list? No worries – just click here to schedule your own screening!


From the Press Release:
In the not-too-distant past, with the help of a windowless van and a jar of chloroform, a group of Internet sketch comedians were hauled off to the backwoods of Illinois to shoot their first movie! The horror comedy features Streamy and Webby Award winner Michael Swaim (“Agents of Cracked”) and the casts of “Those Aren’t Muskets!,” “Good Neighbor,” “Tremendosaur,” “Team Tiger Awesome,” and “Horsehead Businessman.” The film will be released exclusively through Tugg this December, with cast-hosted premieres to take place in Los Angeles, New York, Chicago and San Diego.

Kill Me Now chronicles one unforgettable night in the lives of a ragtag group of small-town teens. It’s a night that will prove equally unforgettable for the sinister Driller Killer (Brett Fancy – “EastEnders,” “Luther”), a deranged serial killer bent on ridding the world of vapidity and dumbassedness (everyone else). When he comes upon the kids’ all-night graduation party–conveniently held at a cabin deep in the woods–he finds both in spades. Unfortunately, Mr. Killer is about to learn something crappy bumper stickers learned long ago: stupid people can be deadly in large numbers. Kill Me Now blends horror, comedy, depth and plain jackassery to form a brew so potent you won’t know whether to laugh, scream, or think about, like, life and stuff. The movie features performances from a staggering array of the Internet’s hottest up-and-coming comedians, writing from the guys behind “Those Aren’t Muskets!” and Cracked.com, direction from a dude whose previous work includes hardcore, joint-smokin’, Twista-havin’, Kanye-featurin’ rap videos, and at least one scene where a chick totally gets a drill to the brain. But it’s funny!

Written by Michael Swaim and directed by Travis Long, Kill Me Now was filmed on location in Effingham, Illinois, and stars Michael Swaim, Brett Fancy, Kyle Mooney, Beck Bennett, Nick Rutherford, Jacob Reed, LisaMarie King, Brentan Schellenbach, Nick Mundy, Kaitlin Large, Dan Rubiano, Noah Byrne, Katy Stoll, Katie Willert and Daniel O’Brien.

Check out a few clips and the poster below, and for more info “like” Kill Me Now on Facebook.

Horror Comedy Kill Me Now Getting the Tugg Treatment; Request a Screening in Your Town!

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