Exclusive: Tom Malloy to Star in Terror House

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malloy - Exclusive: Tom Malloy to Star in Terror HouseBad things happen in haunted attractions. Girls cry. Scare actors sometimes get punched. And actor Tom Malloy’s set to be marauded by an unspeakable evil within the labyrinthine confines of Dark Park Studios’ forthcoming feature Terror House.

To be directed by DK Renée, Terror House will feature Malloy (pictured; Alphabet Killer) and Brian Ronalds (Netherbeast Incorporated) and is slated to go before cameras shortly for a planned October 2013 release. Actors Barry Ratcliffe (The Witches of Oz) and Dianna Renée (No Time to Fear) join them. Michael Korbic and writer Dianna Renée are set to produce with Dark Park Studios.

Set in a retired fun house with no way out, Terror House tells the story of a group of people who find themselves trapped in an abandoned ‘Haunted House’ attraction. As they put the pieces together to figure out why and how they got there, they run and stumble through the maze in a desperate attempt to escape the unknown force chasing them. As they succumb to the darkness of the maze, they begin to realize what connects them and that each one of them has something to hide. Paranoia sets in as their true selves emerge, turning them against each other in a deadly game of cat and mouse running from not only each other but the evil raging within the maze.

This isn’t the first time Malloy and Ronalds have worked together. The previous film they produced (and in which Malloy co-starred), Sprawl, just inked a theatrical deal with New Films International.

Look for more soon!

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