Video: New Baby Godzilla Anime Web Series I’M HOME! CHIBI GODZILLA

Godzilla has never looked more adorable that in the new Baby Godzilla anime web series I’M HOME! CHIBI GODZILLA

By David Gelmini

An adorable baby version of Godzilla stars in a new official anime series called I’m Home! Chibi Godzilla, which can be viewed on the official Godzilla Youtube channel.

Each episode is only around thirty seconds in length. So you can easily binge-watch both seasons in one sitting, and it will be worth it. But don’t expect to see this version of Godzilla destroying cities and leaving a trail of death and destruction in his wake.

This is clearly a series for pre-schoolers. Instead, I’m Home! Chibi Godzilla shows everyone’s favorite radioactive lizard partaking in more mundane activities. Such as weightlifting and toasting bread with his atomic breath.

We absolutely love the cuddly design of Godzilla in this official series. He almost resembles a teddy bear version of the famous reptilian kaiju design we all know and love. If you were wondering, the Japanese word ‘Chibi’ usually refers to small anime and manga characters drawn in a cute way. And Godzilla looks lovely here.

So move over, Baby Yoda, because Chibi Godzilla takes the crown as the cutest non-human sci-fi character we’ve ever seen.

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While the king of the monsters is usually as tall as a skyscraper, Chibi Godzilla is even shorter than Satomi, his human roommate who also appears throughout the series.

We won’t even question this.

There’s probably not much point trying to find logic in a show about him living in an apartment and asking King Ghidorah what he should buy his roommate for Christmas. Although we did laugh hysterically when Satomi fantasied about Godzilla destroying the building where she works so she can take the day off.

The animation for I’m Home! Chibi Godzilla is provided by Helo. inc. Serika Hiromatsu voices the titular cutie. Mai Aizawa provides the voice of Satomi. And while the dialogue is in Japanese, you can turn on optional English subtitles for each video.

Fans should truly thankful to have such a lovely and gentle web series. Especially about one of the most famous monsters in the history of cinema. Toho will upload new episodes every Wednesday.

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