Exclusive Set Visit: THE GINGERWEED MAN with Naiia Lajoie!

The Gingerweed Man bts banner 750x422 - Exclusive Set Visit: THE GINGERWEED MAN with Naiia Lajoie!

The Weedman cometh… tomorrow! Fans of Full Moom Feature’s irreverent Evil Bong franchise will want to check out the 2-part feature film spinoff, The Gingerweed Man! Your favorite character, who first debuted in Evil Bong 666, is going on his own mad misadventures in a hilarious offshoot premiering exclusively on FullMoonFeatures.com and on their Amazon channel tomorrow, March 26th.

I was lucky enough to visit the set of The Gingerweed Man while production was in full swing (even scoring myself a sweet cameo in the process!). Check out our exclusive behind-the-scenes image gallery below the film’s trailer and synopsis, followed by my exclusive interview with leading-lady Naiia Lajoie!

Directed by Brooks Davis (The Macabre). The Gingerweed Man runs a successful dispensary delivery service, catering to a wide array of wacky clientele. Then he gets charged with protecting little Baby Buddy. It’s a mysterious super strain weed dude that is wanted by every bad vibe in the city, mad misadventures follow!

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In addition to the film’s puppet stars (the titular Gingerweed Man, aka Gingey, and his buddy Buddie) the film is populated by a talented cast of colorful humans, including leading-lady Naiia Lajoie; she plays Gingy’s love interest (or at least one of them!), Barbara.

“This was my first experience working on a Full Moon Features production,” Lajoie tells Dread Central exclusively, “and needless to say I had no idea what to expect once I got onto set – especially having researched the Evil Bong films and with such a zany script! But between Brooks’ first-time director fervor, the crew’s professionalism, and my castmates’ openness to playing with me, it was such a fun project to navigate!

“I really feel like I’m on the ground floor of something ‘unbeweedable’, as Gingey would say, with The Gingerweed Man franchise,” she continues. “It’s like a Naked Gun meets Dogma, but with 80s practical effects a la The Thing thrown in. And, you know, other aspects found in all Full Moon flicks. Can’t wait to see how all of the bud, butts, & blood come together on-screen!”

In addition to Lajoie, The Gingerweed Man stars Eli Jane, Johanna Rae, and Alan Maxson.

The Gingerweed Man Poster - Exclusive Set Visit: THE GINGERWEED MAN with Naiia Lajoie!

Are you also excited to check out The Gingerweed Man tomorrow (March 26th)? What do you think of our exclusive behind-the-scenes pics and our chat with Naiia Lajoie? Let us know in the comments below or also on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram! You can also carry on the convo with me personally on Twitter @josh_millican.



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