A Decaying Zombie Stars In New Commercials For Pringles Potato Chips

pringles zombie commercial 1 750x422 - A Decaying Zombie Stars In New Commercials For Pringles Potato Chips

A new series of commercials for Pringles potato chips showcase a hungry zombie named Frank trying to overcome his cravings for human flesh by eating Pringles chips instead, and you can watch them all below. While the ads are not particularly gruesome as they were created for daytime broadcasting, they do show Frank’s various body parts falling off, with everything from his small finger to his entire head coming loose throughout the series of commercials. One of the particular TV spots is also a real jaw-dropper, as it literally shows Frank’s jaw dropping off his face. Despite the relative lack of actual blood, kids will still probably be freaked out if one of these ads comes on before their favourite cartoon.

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Regardless of whether you love munching on Pringles chips or if you’d rather chew on something more healthy instead, there’s no denying that these commercials are pretty damn hilarious. To be honest, we’re not entirely sure how a decaying zombie will convince people to purchase potato chips, but either way, these are probably some of the funniest TV spots we’ve seen all year. We certainly know which brand of potato chips we’ll be eating from now on while we relax in front of the TV in the evenings.



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