Video: Behind-The-Scenes Peek at ALIEN TERRORFORMA and ALIEN VS PREDATOR Theme Park Attractions Currently Under Construction

It looks like construction is underway on a couple of Alien-related theme park attractions at Genting SkyWorlds in Malaysia. One is called Alien Terrorforma and the other is based on Alien vs Predator.

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Our friends at found some behind-the-scenes videos showing these works in progress. Check them out below.

These videos were posted as part of demo reels for Kenneth Nakada and Sungyoon Choi.

“Ken Nakada served as Director, Art Director, and VFX Designer for “Alien Terrorforma” Theme Park Ride. The video shows samples of Nakada’s art direction and design for props, set pieces, costumes, environments, future technology, exoplanet data acquisition/analysis systems, production design, and VFX design. Nakada also directed live-action photography and served as director on all 5 shows.”

For more information on what may be in store, check out the original article, HERE.

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Obviously, there’s a lot of work still to be done on these rides, but we’re excited to see how they turn out!

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