Video Interview: Dread Talks Cosmic Horror and Lovecraft with SACRIFICE’s Barbara Crampton

Andy Collier and Tor Mian’s Sacrifice is getting ready to make its theatrical debut on February 5th, with VOD and Blu-ray releases coming on Feb. 9th and Feb. 23rd, via DREAD. The cosmic horror film follows a young couple traveling to a remote Norwegian community and being caught up in a series of twists that make this one a hell of a ride.

New Yorker Isaac and his pregnant wife return to a remote Norwegian village of his birth to claim an unexpected inheritance. Here they find themselves caught in a nightmare as an ancient evil awakens to claim a birthright of its own.

We thought we’d catch up with horror icon Barbara Crampton, to chat about Sacrifice, filming in Norway and her connection to all things Lovecraftian. Enjoy!

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Be sure to check out Sacrifice, when it opens in select theaters on February 5 and VOD on February 9 + Blu-ray on February 23 via DREAD.

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