Massive Film4 FrightFest 2012 Image Gallery and Final Wrap-up!

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August is gone, and along with it goes 2012’s Film4 FrightFest. Step right up for a gallery of snaps that we grabbed during the festivities, giving you guys who couldn’t make it a glimpse at the glamour, glitz and guests surrounding another fantastic year of terror in Leicester Square.

Dishing up more guests than ever before, FrightFest the 13th was a feast of premieres, special events and sneak peeks. Kicking off with a gut-busting extended introduction by Stitches star Ross Noble, this year’s festival brought along with it a variety of personalities from the cast and crew of The Seasoning House, Sinister writer C. Robert Cargill, the guys behind Nightbreed: The Cabal Cut (unfortunately sans Clive Barker – maybe another year!), the stunning Leticia Dolera and her [REC] 3: Genesis director Paco Plaza and the equally lovely Katharine Isabelle and her American Mary directors the Soska sisters through to surprise visits by the likes of comedian Frankie Boyle, who found himself accosted by a couple of stoic Nazi zombies at the Empire’s entrance.

Also amongst the goodies dished up this year was an extended on-stage interview with the legendary Dario Argento, followed by a signing of Alan Jones’ latest book on the genre maestro, Simon Pegg’s appearance in order to present his long-time friend Greg Nicotero with FrightFest’s inaugural Lifetime Achievement Award and, of course, the inimitable Andy Nyman once again presented the fantastic Quiz From Hell. Damn that soundtracks round!

Below is just a small sample of the massive image gallery we’ve put together for the event. These shots feature [REC] 3: Genesis. Visit our Film4 FrightFest 2012 Facebook Photo Album for the rest.

Anyway, with three screens now showing films every day, it’s impossible to catch everything on offer at FrightFest. Hell, it’s barely possible to catch everything on one screen if you value a) your sanity, b) sleep and c) nourishment, but check below for a list of the flicks that we did catch and a few that have already been officially reviewed here at Dread Central (for example, the excellent Sinister, V/H/S, Chained, and Paul Davis’ hilarious short Him Indoors also screened).

Most importantly, a huge shout-out and thanks have to go to each and every guest who appeared and the volunteers who worked so hard to keep the festival running smoothly. Finally, massive thanks also go to Ian, Alan, Paul and Greg – the guys who work so tirelessly to put it all together. It’s been another wild ride; see you next year!

Did you attend Film4 FrigthtFest 2012? If so, why not discuss the films you saw and your experiences at the festival in our comments below?

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Massive Film4 FrightFest 2012 Image Gallery and Final Wrap-up!

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