EXCLUSIVE: Watch the Trailer for The Legend of Fall Creek!

Uncork’d Entertainment are bringing the early days of Bloody Bobby to you on February 9th, and we’re lucky enough to have the exclusive trailer for The Legend of Fall Creek right here, right now:

Exclusive trailer for The Legend of Fall Creek

On a chilly Halloween night in 1988, Fall Creek Valley turned upside down when Robert “Bobby” Maxwell disappeared from a party. On the 20 Year Anniversary, BLOODY BOBBY seeks revenge on his tormentors who sealed his fate with a blood pact.

Curt Clendenin, David J. Uchansky, Jessica Morris, Robert Miano, Silvia Spros, Madison Geller, Ryan R. Mcgonagle, Maxie Solters, Christy Keller, Julia Mack, Tommy Nash, Alton Clemente, and Christopher DeMaci star in an Anthony Hall film.

Are you looking forward to finding out more about Bloody Bobby? I sure am! If you want to chat about this film, hit us up on Twitter: @marcoscodas @dreadcentral. Be sure to thank @uncorkdent for the awesome, exclusive trailer!



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