Exclusive First Trailer – The Paranormal Diaries: Clophill Brings the Chills

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Back in 2006 filmmakers Michael Bartlett and Kevin Gates premiered the trailer for their incredible zombie film The Zombie Diaries. Thanks to some studio tinkering with the second ZD film, things flew a bit off the rails, but the duo is back and looking to scare the hell out of us once again.

These guys know how to do spooky like few others, and that being said, we are extremely excited to give you cats a first look at their new film, The Paranormal Diaries: Clophill.

“We shot The Paranormal Diaries: Clophill during the pre-production of Zombie Diaries 2 when there were a whole series of setbacks with funding the sequel,” says Kevin Gates. “During the pre-production period I was itching to get something shot, and there was just time to squeeze in an ‘in-between’ film. The idea of taking back control, making the kind of film we wanted and could take our time over was very appealing.”

Gates continues, “I grew up in an area of Bedfordshire in the UK rich in legends of witchcraft and knew of a local ruin that had a history of black magic and the occult and always thought it had potential for a film. So I started doing some research. It wasn’t long before an approach to the film was established. Something that contained a Zombie Diaries flavour, but which mixed it with a real legend and true accounts of Aleister Crowley-esque goings on up at an isolated ruined church. Clophill is a sleepy Bedfordshire village and was a famous occult landmark in the 1960s and 1970s. Even today you get scores of teenagers going up there to scare themselves every night. And I was surprised that no one had done a serious film on the place before. So I assembled a small crew and several real witnesses to events up there of both witchcraft and ghostly sightings. “

“We spent a long weekend up at Clophill – interviewing locals, witnesses, and experts and conducting experiments at night, setting up cameras, Ouija boards, ghost boxes, all manner of bizarre contraptions to see if there really was anything to the legend. Within that framework, I also wrote in a dark story of the occult and paranormal, which Mike and I directed. So what you’re seeing is a real mix of fact and fiction. It has a Lake Mungo / Paranormal Activity flavour but mixes that with a true legend and real witness accounts.”

Yep, we are ALL OVER this one! Check out the NOT SAFE FOR WORK trailer below.

padc - Exclusive First Trailer - The Paranormal Diaries: Clophill Brings the Chills

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