Rest in Peace: F/X Legend Carlo Rambaldi

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The world of special effects has lost a true legend. The name Carlo Rambaldi may not jump out at you at first, but believe us when we tell you this under-appreciated genius is responsible for bringing to life some of the genre’s greatest creatures.

The three-time Oscar winner has died in southern Italy after a long illness. He was 86. The LaPresse news agency said Rambaldi died Friday in the Calabrian city of Lamezia Terme, where he had lived for a decade.

He’ll be forever known to the entire world as the man who fathered the alien in Steven Spiielberg’s E.T.: The Extraterrestrial, but we horror fans will also remember him for creating the Alien head in Alien, creating the Kong suit in the 1970’s version of King Kong, and creating the werewolf suit in Stephen King’s Silver Bullet. But there’s so much more! Let’s not forget the gooey demon from 1982’s Possession, the aliens from Close Encounters of the Third Kind, the gore effects for Argento’s Deep Red, the hand from The Hand; we could go on and on and on!

On behalf of Dread Central and fans everywhere… Thank you, sir. Our deepest condolences go out to Carlo’s friends, family, and constituents. You made believe in the unbelievable and let our imaginations run free. Your contributions will never be forgotten.

carlo - Rest in Peace: F/X Legend Carlo Rambaldi

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