Dolph Lundgren and Scott Adkins Battle over the Tomb of the Dragon


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Any movie that casts Dolph Lundgren and rising action hero Scott Adkins as rival cryptozoologists fighting over the discovery of a living, breathing killer Chinese dragon has my immediate attention.

Scott Adkins (Undisputed III: Redemption, Ninja) does battle with his The Expendables 2 and Universal Soldier: Day of Reckoning co-star Dolph Lundgren in the monstrous action thriller Tomb of the Dragon.

Travis, our heroic cryptozoologist, wants to prove that a prehistoric beast killing construction workers is more than just a myth. But at the same time his ruthless competitor, Harker, wants to prove he is the best in the business and outdo Travis in any way he can.\

Travis finds himself in a race against time to preserve the rare but deadly creature because Harker thrives on trophy killings and shoots to kill…including humans if they come between him and his prey.

Travis is funded by a mysterious wealthy benefactor and finds himself escorted by their slightly overwhelmed lawyer. The rest of his team consists of two friends, seasoned field workers Katie and Brandon, and Jianyu, a boy who first gave him video proof of the dragon. Jianyu has his own mission: to prove that the oil company is covering up the truth about the beast killing his father on their site, which is invading the creature’s time honored home. Construction has woken the dragon from his tomb, a danger which they cannot fully understand.

As the death toll mounts, can Travis’ team outwit the company, battle against Harker and escape the jaws of death whilst saving the species from brutal extinction?

So in a strange way it’s like a remake of Baby: Secret of the Lost Legend except it’s set in China and the cute baby brontosaurus is instead a killer Chinese dragon.

Midsummer Films and China Film Group are behind this filmed in Beijing production from director Eric Styles, whose previous directorial effort was a 2008 Heather Graham romantic comedy titled Miss Conception, and screenwriter Andy Briggs, the author of this weekend’s Syfy Original premiere, The Philadelphia Experiment.

Tomb of the Dragon is currently in post-production and, as the artwork touts, will be in 3D.

A 3D action monster movie with Dolph Lundgren as a homicidal cryptozoologist? This could be his greatest movie since the one where he fought an alien drug dealer that fired throat-cutting CDs from its wrist.

Wait a minute. It’s being touted as a “family adventure film”?


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