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Take Your First Look at Goat Man



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We recently heard from filmmaker Lionell Hilliard, giving us a heads up on his new short film Goat Man. We managed to secure a teaser with a good look at the Goat Man, and we also learned the creepy origin story of the beast.

According to the info we have, Goat Man is a short that recently finished production and is looking to hit the festival circuit. Dig the image below and the trailer, which shows Goat Man looking a bit like Hellboy after being operated on by Dr. Moreau. The film is F/X heavy with Phil Nichols (aka The Fiendish Dr. Phil) of Facades FX running the show. The Facades FX team for Goat Man also included Melissa Nichols and Melissa Gale Dabney.

Oh, and one more thing: He’s called Goat Man because some dude screwed a goat (apparently on several occasions) and Goat Man was conceived. Yikes! More on this when we get it.

There’s a widely spread piece of Texas folklore about a legendary creature appearing to be half-man and half-goat. It’s seen about as often as Sasquatch or the Loch Ness Monster. Whether it’s good or evil is anyone’s guess…but it’s interesting, nonetheless.

The story of the origin of Goat Man takes place in the late 1800s. A small town political figure, living alone with only his married West Indian servants, has decided to run for office and is a sure fit for the position in question. That is, unless, his deep dark secret exposes him: He often takes up with his farm animals. As you might imagine, karma comes to collect when his conquest of choice, his she-goat, gives birth to the hideous creature we come to know as the Goat Man.

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