Unlock The Puzzles of Monster Cube

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Who doesn’t love puzzle games? Monster Cube is a FREE 2D puzzle adventure available at the App Store and Google Play. Players must destroy as many monsters as they can before time runs out. The clock is ticking so read on to get started!

From the Press Release
Monster Juice, an established mobile game developer, is excited to announce the launch of Monster Cube onto the App Store and in Google Play. Compatible with the iPhone, iPod touch, and Android, Monster Cube is a wild new match three game that doesn’t just reinvent how we play games like Bejeweled and others, it redefines it by replacing the usual 2D game grid with an all new 3D “Monster Cube” scenario, all made of little cube-shaped monsters!

It’s your task to pull them out one at a time, re-arrange them to connect three in any direction, and boom! They’ll be pulverized. The challenge is simple, destroy as many monster cubes as you can before the clock runs out! There’s fun missions to get through, combos and point boosters to get and even friends to beat on global leaderboards. Monster Cube is currently available on the App Store and Google Play for FREE!

The countdown is on. The monsters are all in and it’s up to you to pulverize them. The battlefield in Monster Cube is a vivid 3D cube layered 4 wide and 4 deep with rowdy multicolored cubic monsters, and it’s up to you to destroy as many of them as possible before time runs out. Every time a Whole cube is taken care of, the clock gets paused and you can take a break – at least until you start breaking up the next one! The controls are simple, if you want to wind around to see the Monster Cube from different angles, simply swipe in the desired direction. Just tap on a cube to grab it, and tap again to put it where you want to. It’s that simple.

Monster Cube is more than a simple arcade distraction. The game includes dozens of unique missions that keep things fresh and fun, and for every three successfully completed missions you’ll be awesomely rewarded with bonuses to push your overall game score higher and higher. Love to play lightning quick? There’s a bonus for that too and it’s called Fever Mode. Get into Fever mode and the points get multiplied, so get moving! Especially awesome for gamers ready to compete with one another, the game features interactive online leaderboards for overall dominance or also to with your Facebook friends.

You can visit Monster Cube at the App Store to learn more.

Unlock The Puzzles of Monster Cube

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