Nightmares Film Festival: Masquerade – Day Two

Nightmares Film Festival‘s 2020 virtual fest, Masquerade, continues! Since it is a virtual fest, everyone is in charge of their own programming throughout the day via the fest’s on demand set-up through Eventive. You aren’t entirely on your own, however.

Each day of the fest boasts a handful of panels, Q&As, and/or workshop opportunities for attendees to take part in. Wednesday offered up two Q&A sessions centered around short film blocks, as well as a workshop on “Making Your First Feature” with Relic writer/director Natalie Erika James.

Thursday’s events involved another short films Q&A session, as well as one workshop for screenwriters and another dealing with the trials & tribulations of moviemaking. That workshop was appropriately titled “Murphy’s A Dick” and was hosted by Scare Package and The Pale Door director/producer Aaron B. Koontz. All of these have been great so far and I am eager to continue participating in them for the next three days.

Since I primarily stuck to features and events today, I didn’t get around to sitting down with very many short film blocks. That said, I did manage to catch up with the “Shut-In Shorts“, which were all filmed during the pandemic. It’s a fun block and my favorites of the lot were “Wellness Check” and “Jenny“.

As for the aforementioned features, here are my standouts of the day…

I guess it was only a matter of time before someone decided to make a satirical exploitation film inspired by the Pizzagate conspiracy theories. This one plays like a low budget mix of Joe, Taxi Driver, and (a dash of) They Live. If you’re in the mood for politically-charged exploitation, then Duncan might just hit the spot.

We don’t offer see tree-based horror films come along, so it’s always refreshing when a new one arrives. While I didn’t love this one, it has a lot of wild things going on within it, as well as a particular type of demon that I’ve never seen on film before.

Some crazy person went and decided to remake the 1962 cult sci-fi horror flick and the result is a really kooky parody of not only the original film, but low grade ’60s genre fare in general.

Remember that it’s not too late to get your pass! Head on over to the Nightmares Film Festival site and grab one so that you can join in! After all, it’s the one year that you can attend NFF from home and not wear any pants! Wear what you want and watch what you want, no matter if you decide to snag a full pass or just tickets for specific films.

Are you virtually attending Nightmares Film Festival: Masquerade? What have you seen already and what else are you looking forward to watching as the weekend progresses? By all means, let us know in the comments below or on FacebookTwitter, or Instagram! You can also hit me up directly on Twitter @DanielWBaldwin.



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