SCARY ENDINGS Delivers the Fear in Short Horror Film JACOB

Director John Fitzpatrick and his crew are back with a new episode of their popular and long-running Scary Endings horror anthology series, this one titled Jacob (and if sounds emanating from your attic unnerve you, this one’s bound to get under your skin).

Written and directed by Fitzpatrick and starring Sarah Nicklin and Josh McKevitt, Jacob serves as the last episode of the series filmed before quarantine, and revolves around the character of Nicole (Nicklin), who after finding a mysterious slide projector in the attic, uncovers something sinister in her new home.

Produced by director Fitzpatrick (along with Sarah Fitzpatrick, Jessica Chandler, Ryan Dillon, Brian Chandler, Adam J. Yeend and co-producer Sean Decker, with makeup by Kelly Chandler and special effects makeup by Dan Crawley), the filmmaker told us of Jacob

“The Scary Endings team and I are just happy that we were able to put something out as a little Halloween treat! Hopefully, everyone finds this little slice of terror a fun break from everything that’s going on right now. We shot this right before they shut everything down and, luckily, have been able to complete it remotely, so it can be up just in time for the holiday. I enjoyed doing this immensely and I had a ton of fun creating its mood and slow-burn vibe.  Sarah and Josh, are cast, are fantastic. They just really got it, and breathed life into these characters. I’m super happy with how it came out, and can’t thank everyone enough. I only wish this meant we are back in the saddle again, ready to release our usual dose of horror in true Scary Endings fashion, but it seems the world has other plans for now. However, there may be one more up our sleeves that you should keep an eye out for, but you didn’t hear that from me!”

You can watch the film below, and be sure to subscribe to the Scary Endings Youtube channel for past and future episodes, and follow them on Twitter @scaryendings for updates.

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