ShortsTV Unveils “Shriek Week” & Halloween Programming

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In honor of the upcoming season which calls for horror, thrills and gore, ShortsTV, the exclusive presenter of the Oscar® Nominated Short Films theatrical releases for the last 15 years, announced today their Halloween-themed programming lineup will debut today and continue throughout the duration of the month. 

Throughout the month, ShortsTV will air “Midnight Hour,” programming blocks from midnight to 6am on Fridays, which will feature short films of varying horror including thriller, suspense and more. “Midnight Hour” will run through October 23rd. Highlighted films include Last One Screaming, directed by Matt Devino, The Station, directed by Patrick Ridremont, and Akuji Devil’s Board, directed by Nelson Ricardo, amongst many more. 

Additionally, powered by Crimson Screen Horror Film Fest, ShortsTV is debuting “Shriek Week” on October 25th to air throughout the week leading up to Halloween through Saturday, October 31st. In addition to airing more than 25 films that were previously featured at Crimson Screen Horror Film Fest, ShortsTV will air five filmmaker spotlights, showcasing award-winning filmmakers and providing a closer look inside of the processes of renowned creators. 

Listed below, the following films and filmmakers will be highlighted on ShortsTV this Halloween season: 


Anniversary, Directed by Tommy Faircloth

A married couple, Richard and Etna, finds their relationship is in danger. Etna reaches her breaking point and from that moment on, their emotional tension only seems to rise.

Ens Rationis, Directed by Paul Christian Glenn

Ten years ago, Vivian struck a pact with a mysterious stranger who promised her something no one else could. Tonight she abandons the love of her life to make a dark rendezvous and settle her debt.

Eyecatcher, Directed by Jun Shimizu

Two young brothers tell each other scary stories of an urban legend – a creature lurking in the shadows of Koreatown – the Eyecatcher. When the brothers reunite years later, they find there may be truth to the legend…

Last One Screaming, Directed by Matt Devino

What happens to the Final Girl after a horror movie is over?

Lost In Buffalo City, Directed by Raymond Wallace

A reporter investigating a series of deadly encounters surrounding a long-forgotten ghost town uncovers sinister forces that may wind up costing him his life.

Lucid, Directed by Andrew Creco & James Cates  

A man is terrorized by an unseen force as he tries to finish a research paper alone in a cabin.  Presented in first person as one continuous take.

Trentside, Directed by Charlie Delaney 

After discovering a disturbing Super 8 film reel, a troubled skateboarder’s world starts to fall apart as he becomes unable to differentiate reality from hallucination.

The Corner, Directed by Jayson Buterin

As far as babysitting jobs went, this one was about as routine as it gets. But when Jolie finally got a chance to sit down for some quiet time in front of the television, things didn’t get dull…they got deadly.

The Mark Of Nefarious, Directed by Jason Ledford

A dark journey into the troubled mind of Justin Blake. His sister Tara thinks Justin’s drug use is to blame. But Justin is convinced that “pure evil” is just outside…watching…waiting… and scratching at his window.

White Drift, Directed by Corey Norman  

Peter, a war torn US veteran, arrives in a small Maine town searching for a lost friend. 


Alanah Rafferty, director of Mutiny 

A young reporter researches a terrible virus that may spread through social media. As she delves into the story, and her anxiety takes over, she must decide whether the real danger is out there, or in her mind.

Eriabis Jennison, director of The Picnic

On a picnic in the woods a family is confronted with a horrific change of plans after crossing paths with a lone hiker. A rebirth of some inner demons is evoked and soon a struggle occurs to survive a broken past’s most terrifying fears.

Matt Devino, director of Last One Screaming

What happens to the Final Girl after a horror movie is over?

Melanie Alexander & Mary Stark, directors of Full Moon

Amy, a self-proclaimed witch, invites friends over for a full moon ritual to bring magic into their lives, but the powers they summon are much more than they bargained for.

Jun Shimizu, director of Eyecatcher

Two young brothers tell each other scary stories of an urban legend – a creature lurking in the shadows of Koreatown – the Eyecatcher. When the brothers reunite years later, they find there may be truth to the legend…

Raymond Wallace, director of Nights of the Fluffet

When a little girl finds an abandoned Fluffet out in the woods, she has no idea of the ropey-limbed chaos she is about to bring down upon her loved ones.

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About ShortsTV
ShortsTV is the first and only 24/7, linear and OTT HD TV channel dedicated to short form video entertainment, including movies and series. With over 13,000 titles, ShortsTV has the largest catalog of quality short form video entertainment, including award-winning and star-studded live action, animated and documentary shorts from filmmakers around the globe. Distributed globally, the channel is available in 100 million homes across the US, India, Latin America, the Netherlands, Belgium and Eastern Europe.  It is available across the US on DirecTV (channel 573), AT&T U-Verse (channel 1789), AT&T TV (Channel 573), AT&T TV NOW, Frontier Communications (channel 789) Google Fiber (channel 603) and Hotwire (channel 560). In addition to the channel, ShortsTV distributes a significant catalogue of on-demand shorts through video-on-demand on iTunes in 92 countries, Amazon Instant Video (UK, US and Germany), Google Play (US and Canada), and Verizon and Frontier (US). Since 2006, ShortsTV has exclusively presented the ‘Oscar Nominated Short Films’ theatrical release in cinemas across the US and Canada, South America, Europe, India, Australia and South Africa. 

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