PARANORMAN: Why We Never Got a Sequel or Spinoff

LAIKA Studio’s kid-friendly horror-comedy ParaNorman is awesome. Hell, it even scored an Oscar nomination for Best Animated Feature. But still, it never earned a sequel or a spinoff. And today, star Kodi Smit-McPhee reveals why.

McPhee tells “No, that hasn’t been spoken about and, unfortunately, just from my experience working with LAIKA, I have watched their process of how they work, and I think this is healthy for anyone within the industry; they don’t like to get caught on their successes. And I’m not even speaking of ParaNorman, but I feel like Coraline was one of their greatest movies, but for them, they continue to go above and beyond. And we’ve seen them do that, I think, with two more movies recently, like Kubo [and the Two Strings] and [Missing Link]. They leave what they’ve done in the past and they just kind of excel tenfold.”

He added: “So I’m not sure if we’ll ever see ParaNorman again. I think he will be kept in the beautiful little story it was, but we will continue to see amazing stories from the commitment of LAIKA to their craft.”

Fair enough. I guess.

In the stop-motion film, the young Norman has the ability to see and communicate with ghosts, making him an outcast with his family and classmates. Norman’s abilities come in quite handy when the spirit of a witch starts to terrorize their small town, as he uses his powers to find clues to stop the entity.

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