This Day in Horror History: 90s Slasher Classic URBAN LEGEND Opened in 1998

On this day in horror history, director Jamie Blanks’ slasher Urban Legend with Jared Leto, Alicia Witt, Rebecca Gayheart, and Tara Reid was released in 1998.

Filmed on a budget of $14M, it was released in the US on September 25, 1998, and grossed $72.5M worldwide. It is the first installment in the franchise followed by Urban Legends: Final Cut and Mary Lambert’s Urban Legends: Bloody Mary.

A reboot is in development, to be written and directed by Colin Minihan.

Written by Silvio Horta, it centers on a university beset by a rash of gruesome murders that resemble old urban legends. When her friend is killed by someone hiding in her car, Natalie begins to notice the pattern. Her suspicions grow stronger when her own roommate is strangled to death. Soon the quiet college campus is transformed into hunting grounds for a maniac, and Natalie struggles to find the killer and stop the bloodshed before she becomes the next victim.

In addition to its younger cast, the film features supporting performances from Robert Englund, Loretta Devine, John Neville, and Brad Dourif. It sports a 21% approval rating over on Rotten Tomatoes with a rather quick Critics Consensus that reads: Elements of Scream reappear in a vastly inferior vehicle.

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