Auradrone Releases a Post-Apocalyptic Music Video for Shadow

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Ready to take a break from all the E3 news that’s been filling up our pages and relax with some new music? Then check out this post-apocalyptic music video for “Shadow,” a song off Bleeding Edge, the sophomore album from horror actress Jon Mack’s prog rock band Auradrone.

Mack (Mandrake, Saw VI, Spiders 3D) has teamed up with Robert LaSardo (The Professional, “Nip/Tuck”) and Brian Krause (Camel Spiders, TBK: The Toolbox Murders 2, “Charmed”) for this dystopian video about a struggle between alien hybrids and humans. It was written and directed by Dan Zacharias and produced by Zacharias and Mack.

A collective music and multi-media project led by Los Angeles artist Mack, Auradrone combines electronic sounds with live instrumentation, resulting in ultramodern post-rock dance music that is gritty, sensuous, and sophisticated. Bleeding Edge features the collaboration of Mack (vox, electronics, guitar), Strasbourg France’s Fred Traverso (electronics), and Christopher Fudurich (electronics, guitar) with additional contributions from musicians in Los Angeles and around the world. As one would expect in a band in which the artists met and primarily worked together online, the group’s songs are often remixed by DJs and musicians worldwide and have inspired cutting-edge video artwork created by artists all over the globe.

Embrace your shadow. Transcend mediocrity.

Bleeding Edge is a love story which explores self-reliance, transcendence, and faith in the face of betrayal and entropy. Auradrone’s sound is inspired by groups as diverse as Nine Inch Nails, Massive Attack, Underworld, Curve, and Blondie.

Auradrone fans are clever, thoughtful people who love to mix their dance with a little aggression. The Auradrone project pools many talents and resources to create a hybrid of sound and vision for this new age so it’s fitting that our fans hail from every walk of music including electronica, goth, pop, progressive, post punk, and metal. With Bleeding Edge we are delving into a darker and dirtier industrial sound with songs that have a progressive bent,” says Mack.

Check out the video for “Shadow” and some photos below. For more visit the official Auradrone website, and “like” Auradrone on Facebook.

auradrone1 - Auradrone Releases a Post-Apocalyptic Music Video for Shadow

auradrone2 - Auradrone Releases a Post-Apocalyptic Music Video for Shadow

auradrone3 - Auradrone Releases a Post-Apocalyptic Music Video for Shadow

auradrone - Auradrone Releases a Post-Apocalyptic Music Video for Shadow

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