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Pink Sock Slides Online, Watch it Now!



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Pink Sock Movie

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pink sock - Pink Sock Slides Online, Watch it Now!Earlier this year I reviewed a short film titled Pink Sock, and a lot of you dear readers inquired as to when it would be made available to see. Today I’m happy to report it is online and available for your viewing pleasure. I will also state upfront that it is NOT SAFE FOR WORK. And with that out of the way, enjoy!

For those of you seeking a refresher, check out my Pink Sock review from back in February. This flick may be short, but it’s a little slice of exploitation that manages quite a few crowd-pleasing moments throughout its brisk five-minute length. I won’t bother with a plot synopsis since it’s one of those things you’ve just got to see for yourself.

But enough talk. Head on over to Pink Sock Movie right now to watch the sucker. And if you dig it, go on over to the official Pink Sock Facebook page and give ’em a “like”. Personally, I enjoyed director Josh Schneider’s visual style and sense of fun. It’s enough to pique my interested in whatever’s next for the team behind Pink Sock, and you can bet we’ll be covering it here whenever we have more information.

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