Video: There’s a REAL 60-Foot Robot Lumbering to Life in Japan

Robotics engineers in Japan are pushing forward with plans to create an actual giant robot–and it recently took its very first steps. Like Voltron come to life or a weapon straight out of Pacific Rim, IFL Science reports:

“Designed after the popular Gundam robot from multiple TV series and manga, this is by far the largest robot ever created – and it looks just as awesome as we imagined. The massive robot [is] currently in construction in Gundam Factory Yokohama, Japan.”

Check out the robot lumbering to life in the footage below.

Production on this mechanical behemoth began last January with plans to showcase in Halloween. It’s unclear if the COVID-19 pandemic will delay this planed reveal.

Popular Mechanics reports the robot will feature articulated fingers, 24 degrees of freedom, and the ability to support its huge weight, adding to Japan’s impressive robotics records.”

Of course, horror fans can’t help but imagine this metal beast running amok and wreaking havoc! This sucker has “Skynet” written all over it!

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