Trick Or Treat Studios’ HALLOWEEN 1978 Line Includes “Michael Myers Ghost Costume”

We’re less than 100 days away from Halloween. And even though this year will be anything but normal, we can still have fun getting into the horrifying spirit of the season.

Trick Or Treat Studios have plenty of new products and officially licensed products for sale, and we’ll be sharing the best of what’s available. Today, we’re highlighting their new Halloween 1978 line, which includes a “Michael Myers Ghost Costume“! Have a look-see below.

h1 myersghost costume - Trick Or Treat Studios' HALLOWEEN 1978 Line Includes "Michael Myers Ghost Costume"

Product Description:
Trick or Treat Studios and Compass International Pictures are proud to present the Official Halloween Michael Myers Ghost Costume!

This incredible costume is a amazing replica of the costume worn by Michael Myers after he killed Bob in John Carpenter’s Halloween.

This costume comes with a perfectly draped Ghost Sheet with reinforced eyes cuts that lineup perfectly with the wearers’ eye, as well as glasses that are just like the glasses worn by Bob. In addition, the glasses come with a glasses cord that attaches to both sides so that the glasses stay firmly attached to the wearers’ head.

Check out the complete Halloween 1978 line from Trick Or Treat Studios, HERE. There are more costumes, enamel pins, props, and even jewelry.

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