Video: HELLRAISER Movie Reboot Will Have NEW Cenobites (IF They Can Get Past Clive Barker Lawsuit)

Female Cenobite Hellraiser II

In case you didn’t know, there’s a Hellraiser movie reboot in the works at Spyglass (not to be confused with the Hellraiser TV series in the works at HBO). Today, one of our favorite horror academics and Hellraiser aficionados, Mr. H, has some new details, including whether or not there will be a Pinhead character in the film.

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Everything, of course, seems contingent on the results of a lawsuit Hellraiser creator Clive Barker recently filed in an effort to regain the rights to his artistic properties.

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According to Mr. H, producers of the Hellraiser reboot are planed to embrace the glorious grotesquery of the Cenobites. However, momentum is cooling as Barker’s lawsuit gains steam. Give the video a spin below for the full rundown.

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