Stay Up Late with the Film Society of Lincoln Center’s Summer Midnight Movies Series

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fslc - Stay Up Late with the Film Society of Lincoln Center's Summer Midnight Movies SeriesIf you’re a New Yorker who stays up late, this news is for you. The Film Society of Lincoln Center has announced the lineup of its new Midnight Movies series running every Friday night in June, July, and August. Most are horror films, but even those that aren’t deserve attention.

The voracious maw and mysterious subversives of horror and sci-fi are let out after dark in what’s sure to be the most terrifying program of the summer. Here’s the full schedule; for more info visit the official Film Society of Lincoln Center website.

Star Wars Uncut
Casey Pugh, 2012
Fri Jun 1: 11:59 pm
Galactic Premiere!
For this crowdsourced, shot-by-shot fan-film remake of George Lucas’ Episode IV – A New Hope, 473 volunteers reshot or animated their assigned 15-second sections as they saw fit. The result is one of the Internet’s true cinematic wonders.

The Texas Chain Saw Massacre
Tobe Hooper, 1974
Fri Jun 8: 11:59 pm
In one of the truly defining films of the American independent horror movie renaissance of the 1970s, death by meathook, sledgehammer, and chainsaw await five unwary kids on a road trip at the hands of good old Leatherface.

Logan’s Run
Michael Anderson, 1976
Fri Jun 15: 11:59 pm
The residents of a domed, 23rd-century paradise look great and live for pleasure… but die a mandatory death at age 30 in this trippy 70s sci-fi classic.

Richard Pryor: Live in Concert
Jeff Margolis, 1979
Fri Jun 22: 11:59 pm
Restored 35mm print!
The definitive record of a legendary American comedy phenomenon at the height of his powers. Richard Pryor: Live in Concert © 1979 Gary Biller, print courtesy of Gary Biller.

Tobe Hooper, 1985
Fri Jun 29: 11:59 pm
London is overrun by rampaging, energy-sucking zombies from space in this spectacular, deliriously over-the-top, sexed-up, and compulsively watchable sci-fi romp.

Lost Highway
David Lynch, 1997
Fri Jul 6: 11:59 pm
Patricia Arquette plays a femme fatale and her double, Bill Pullman inexplicably turns into Bathazaar Getty, Robert Blake is a freakish Mystery Man, Robert Loggia an over-the-top gangster, Trent Reznor does the music, and Marilyn Manson plays a porn star. Are you in?

The Evil Dead
Sam Raimi, 1981
Fri Jul 13: 11:59 pm
If you’re a fan of Joss Whedon’s The Cabin in the Woods, it’s time to go back to the source and (re)acquaint yourself with Sam Raimi’s ultimate cult splatter movie.

Evil Dead II
Sam Raimi, 1987
Fri Jul 20: 11:59 pm
Sam Raimi lets his imagination run completely wild in this Evil Dead sequel cum remake in which an incantation from a copy of the Necronomicon “Book of the Dead” causes all hell to quite literally break loose.

Fritz the Cat
Ralph Bakshi, 1972
Fri Jul 27: 11:59 pm
Adult animation pioneer Ralph Bakshi’s inspired adaptation of R. Crumb’s Help! magazine comic strip became the first X-rated animated feature.

The House by the Cemetery
Lucio Fulci, 1981
Fri Aug 3: 11:59 pm
Original uncut version!
The basement of a New England house hides a gruesome secret in the concluding chapter of splatter king Lucio Fulci’s unofficial “Gates of Hell” trilogy.

James Gunn, 2006
Fri Aug 10: 11:59 pm
In the most sensationally scary-funny creep-out movie since Gremlins, an army of extraterrestrial slugs hitches a ride on an asteroid, crash-lands in the sleepy, deer-hunting hamlet of Wheelsy, South Carolina, and sets about feasting on the local population.

The Apple
Menahem Golan, 1980
Fri Aug 17: 11:59 pm
Schlockmeister Menahem Golan’s futuristic rock-musical retelling of the Book of Genesis—the smash hit of our 2010 Cannon Films tribute series—returns for more midnight mayhem!

Vampire’s Kiss
Robert Bierman, 1988
Fri Aug 24: 11:59 pm
Nicolas Cage gives a wildly original, career-crowning performance in this pitch-perfect, pitch-black comedy about a Manhattan literary agent who believes he’s turning into a vampire.

The Entity
Sidney J. Furie, 1982
Fri Aug 31: 11:59 pm
A single mother (Barbara Hershey) is repeatedly visited, overpowered, and sexually assaulted by an invisible being or force in this notorious, harrowing, deeply disturbing shocker.

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