Quenching Your Vampire Gaming Needs in Thirst of Night

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Thirst of Night is Kabam’s new vampire strategy game that is free to play on PC. That’s right, free! As in you have nothing to lose by giving it a shot! Read on for details.

In the new game, you will control a select race of vampires as you raise your army to fight both your human foes and enemy vampiric bloodlines. You can also make alliances with your fellow vampire brethren to stomp out anyone who opposes you. This is strategy gaming at its finest in a world that is still feeling the aftermaths of a war between vampires and humans, check out the official word below!

From the Official Press Release
Kabam’s vampire strategy game, Thirst of Night, seeks new human blood to build a new empire in the ashes of human civilization.

Available to play for free on Kabam.com, Google+ and Poki, Thirst of Night takes place in a world of perpetual twilight where vampires celebrate their freedom after centuries of suffering under cruel mortal masters. The game blends MMO-style strategy and social features, allowing players to create alliances with other gamers and raise a powerful vampiric-army to exterminate mankind and rival clans of the undead.

The game recently expanded with a new Serpent Outpost that gives players a new Serpent Gargoyle called the “Purpleblood Hatchling,” as well as unlocking a powerful new Alchemist unit that can hold its ground versus both melee and ranged foes. Players who possess a Serpent Outpost will have a distinct advantage over their vampire brethren, as the outpost will yield rich resources as well as the new unit and Gargoyle.

Vampire players looking for extra excitement in their eternal lives will be able to find it with Thirst of Night’s new Mystery Chest feature. The Mystery Chest rewards players with powerful in-game items that can turn the tide of battle.

For more information on the game, check out the official Thirst of Night website.

Quenching Your Vampire Gaming Needs in Thirst of Night

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