These “Horror Babies” Are So Cute It’s Scary!

The idea of horror icons as babies isn’t a new concept, but Travis Falligant’s new series of merch may win top-honors for cuteness. When asked about his inspirations, he told us: “I wanted to do my own version where I elaborated on the concept, as though this were a take on the Muppet Babies cartoon and each little version of a horror icon had a personality and all of them played together in a (now VERY BIG) nursery with their Nanny, Aunt Martha from Sleepaway Camp.”

He continues: “With this series, I’ve been able to subtly comment on things like race relations and diversity, all through the lens of pop culture and these little icons of horror. It’s been fun to put certain characters together in situations or make little nods to each icon, whether it be in their clothing or the accessories they come with. I have had THE MOST fun in designing items for this series to go in the Horror Babies Shop. The coloring book and night light have been my two fave pieces of merch.”

Below, have a look at some of the Horror Babies merch available now.

Horror Babies Coloring Book

COLORING BOOK PHYS FRONT 1024x1281 - These "Horror Babies" Are So Cute It's Scary!

Product Description:
Want to color your fave Horror Babies & scenes? Say no more! This 16-page Horror Babies coloring book features bloody adorable pint-size versions of horror’s greatest icons and is filled with your faves! Featuring 10 previously released color pages, 3 ALL NEW illustrated pages and 3 previously seen scenes UNRELEASED as coloring pages! We’ve included the most requested images from fans! Ships FREE in the US!!!

Horror Babies Night Light

HB NITELITE - These "Horror Babies" Are So Cute It's Scary!

Product Description:
Make sure everyone has (un)pleasant dreams with this Horror Babies LED night light! For indoor use only, this light glows an eery bright blue and is perfect for baby’s nursery, bedrooms, hallways, and bathrooms. FREE SHIPPING WITHIN THE US!!!

Horror Babies “Baby Pin” Limited Edition Enamle Pin

BABYPINCARDED 1024x1365 - These "Horror Babies" Are So Cute It's Scary!

Product Description:
The “Horror Babies” Limited Edition Pin Series is now here with our 1st release of “Baby Pin”! These 1.75″ cloisonne pins have a polished gold finish and are of the highest quality. They give off the shine reminiscent of pins found at your fave Big Mouse theme park or merch store! Every Horror Babies pin comes with an official backing card. Collect em’ all!

Horror Babies Stickers

Horror Babies Magnet

HB MAGNET 1024x1059 - These "Horror Babies" Are So Cute It's Scary!

“Coming soon, expect a collab with Horror Decor to have little plushies of the characters available,” Falligant tells us, “and also high-quality prints for every horror fans’ baby’s nursery. I really am finding the sky’s the limit with the product potential for the series.”

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