Guillermo del Toro Almost Directed CHILD’S PLAY and THE FLY Sequels

Pan’s Labyrinth and Hellboy director Guillermo del Toro just revealed he was offered both the Child’s Play sequel Seed of Chucky and The Fly II.

He tells IndieWire: “I’ve been offered, from the largest superhero franchise to the Seed of Chucky. I’ll tell you one of the worst pitch meetings I’ve ever had. It was for The Fly II. And it was super early in my career, it was ’92 or something like that. I get in and I sit down and they say, ‘What do you think about The Fly II?’ and I said, ‘I think you shouldn’t make it.’ And they said, ‘Why?’ and I said, ‘Because the first one was so great.’ And that was it. They validated my parking.”

He adds: “I know one thing: from the beginning of my work, I know that I will only take movies that I’m willing to die on the set for. I take them very seriously. Doesn’t matter if it’s a giant robot or an action movie. There’s a reason for me to take it, a personal reason. Nobody has to agree. I’m not running for office. I just go at it and I say, ‘This is what I want, this is what I got,’ and that’s when I say a movie is successful or not.

Up next for Del Toro is Nightmare Alley and a retelling of Pinocchio.

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Written by Mike Sprague

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