YOUTH Procedure Goes Tragically Wrong For Pierce Brosnan

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First-time director Brett Marty’s sci-fi thriller upcoming Youth has snagged James Bond himself, Pierce Brosnan (The Lawnmower Man), as it’s lead.

Marty co-wrote the screenplay with Josh Izenberg and Amelia Whitcomb based on the 2016 short of the same name.

The film is set is in the near future where “Renewal” has become the world’s hottest (and most expensive) commodity — a procedure to rewind your body’s biological clock back to its prime. Joel (Brosnan), an ad-tech engineer, is about to retire at age 70, after a lengthy career. Not wanting to lose him, his company pays for him and his wife Alice to Renew — a luxury promising a second chance. Alice emerges from the operation in her 20s, but for Joel, the procedure goes tragically wrong. Rather than make him younger, his aging begins accelerating rapidly, and his remaining years evaporate into mere weeks. Trapped in a decaying body, and watching his 45-year marriage disintegrate, Joel becomes desperate enough to force another, more dangerous procedure. Uncovering the dark origins of the technology along the way, Joel must somehow stay alive long enough to reveal to the world what is happening, before it is too late.

Jib Polhemus, Paul Schiff, and Martin Brennan will produce, with Laura Bickford and Hannah Leader serving as the film’s executive producers,

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