Motion Picture Purgatory: The Moth Diaries

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Mary Harron’s The Moth Diaries hits select theaters tomorrow, April 20th, courtesy of IFC, and in case you’re curious about it, Trembles has weighed in with his thoughts on the film.

The Moth Diaries stars Lily Cole, Scott Speedman, Sarah Gadon, and Sarah Bolger.

Adolescence is and always will be a time of intense emotional confusion, especially if you spend it in a closed environment. That’s the case with Rebecca, a young girl haunted by her father’s suicide, who is a student at an exclusive female boarding school. She pours her heart out in a diary, much of it focused on Lucy, her beloved roommate. Their relationship changes drastically with the arrival of a mysterious new student, Ernessa. As Lucy abandons her for this new girl, Rebecca becomes consumed with thoughts of jealousy and suspicion — Ernessa is dangerous, evil, a vampire. Is there any truth to all this or is Rebecca slipping into insanity?

Like a moth to a flamer!

mpp moth - Motion Picture Purgatory: The Moth Diaries

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Written by Steve Barton

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