Maniac Cop Prequel Coming Soon?

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Well then. It sounds as if RoboCop isn’t going to be the only unconventional lawman getting a modernized upgrade soon. The man who gave new meaning to the term beat cop may just be patrolling for violence and mayhem soon enough!

According to Daily Grindhouse in an exclusive interview with both William Lustig and Larry Cohen, it’s been revealed that Nicolas Winding Refn (Drive) is going to be joining Lustig as a producer on the next entry into the Maniac Cop franchise.

It’s going to be more of a prequel than anything else. I am really excited to come back to this world especially since Nick is going to be a part of it,” said Cohen. “Nick (Winding Refn) has been talking to us about it for a while now, and I had an idea that would work so we’re going to do it.” Cohen said that the film will still maintain the noir-ish comic book feel of the first three films but “with a bigger budget than the others have had.

Lustig cautioned that “the project isn’t 100% signed off on but it’s pretty close.” No director has been named yet. Stay tuned.

mcop - Maniac Cop Prequel Coming Soon?

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  1. A prequel doesnt make much sense. I feel this is another remake. I was wondering when they were going to remake it. Id rather they just leave it alone.

  2. He wasn’t a maniac cop before he came back from the dead. He was more a loose cannon who bent the rules to catch criminals. He wasn’t a villain until he was framed, jailed, and killed. Maybe they’ll go the ZOmbieween route and have the first half hour as a prequel while the last hour is a remake squeezed in. And I dare them to find anyone more imposing than Rober Z’Dar.

  3. I’m all for more Maniac Cop but I loathe the dreaded word ‘prequel’. Who wants to see a film when the future is already written? It’s like knowing exactly what will happen in your own life ahead of time… a trifle dull.

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