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Filmmaker Clay Dumaw Asks if You Can Get Out Alive



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Clay Pigeons Studios is currently putting the finishing touches on a creature feature from New York-based filmmaker Clay Dumaw entitled Get Out Alive. We’ve got an extended trailer for you to look at that certainly raises more questions than it answers, but it’s definitely intriguing!

Get Out Alive was written and directed by Dumaw and stars Tyler Sutton, Jesse Maner, David Fichtenmayer, Rhiannon Roberts and David Iannotti, most of whom also doubled as crew members in this grassroots filming effort. The movie is currently in post-production, which includes 100-plus F/X shots that need CGI added to them. However, undaunted by the task, Dumaw plans to have the film finished within a few months and ready for festival submissions soon.

For more visit the official Get Out Alive website, “like” Get Out Alive on Facebook and follow director Clay Dumaw on Twitter (@claydumaw).

The extended trailer below is eight minutes long and includes the entire prologue to the film, giving you a real taste as to what the movie is all about. And kudos to the boys on a killer tagline‚Ķ“You Are What It Eats.” Thanks to tipmaster general Avery G for the heads up on this one.

While driving home from their summer vacation, siblings Paul and Marilyn find themselves stranded at a desolate truck-stop when their car breaks down along the back roads of upstate New York. Before long, they discover a strange creature in a cage behind the local auto shop, which the shop’s mechanic, along with his assistant, plan on feeding them to. In their attempt to escape, Paul and Marilyn fall prey to these two homicidal locals, bent on preserving the secret of their bloodthirsty pet monster.

Filmmaker Clay Dumaw Asks if You Can Get Out Alive

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