Cult Movie Mania’s Screaming Cinema Series Presents Ed Wood’s Final Curtain

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Earlier this year we clued you guys in on Cult Movie Mania’s weekly Screaming Cinema Series in Tampa, Florida, and coming in May could be their best night yet as they are hosting a screening of Ed Wood’s “lost” film Final Curtain. Read on for the details.

Cult Movie Mania's Screaming Cinema Series Presents Ed Wood's Final Curtain

From the Press Release:
The website is proud to announce an historic screening of Ed Wood’s Final Curtain at the Tampa Pitcher Show theater on Friday, May 4th, 2012, as part of the Cult Movie Mania Screaming Cinema Series – our 9th screening presentation. Final Curtain will be the grand finale along with the horror featurettes Filthy and The Psycho Dish in a special Live Theater “Horror Anthology” Stage Show, featuring top Florida acting talent.

“Ed Wood’s Final Curtain has been a lost film since 1957,” states Andy Lalino, organizer of the Cult Movie Mania Screaming Cinema Series. “It was originally intended to be a pilot of a proposed TV series called ‘Portrait in Terror’, which Wood was unable to complete. It remained dormant and nearly forgotten until 2010, when a print was discovered in Los Angeles and restored by Jason Insalaco and Jonathan Harris. It made its proper debut at the Slamdance Film Festival in January 2012, and now we are excited beyond belief to present it to Tampa Bay audiences. This is a true Ed Wood directorial milestone!” continues Lalino.

The storyline of Final Curtain involves an actor (played by Duke Moore) who explores a dark, eerie theater, encountering strange things not of this world. Narrated by Dudley Manlove (“Eros” in Plan 9 from Outer Space), Final Curtain is indeed Wood’s gift from beyond to his fans and movie lovers everywhere. It is reported that Bela Lugosi was reading the Final Curtain script when he died and was originally slated to star.

As an irresistible special attraction, Final Curtain is part of a unique moviegoing concept: a LIVE “Horror Anthology” featuring two additional horror movie featurettes and theatrical stage show. Actor Joel D. Wynkoop (King of the B-Movies) will host a series of horror-themed skits that will precede each movie with a wraparound terror tale in the tradition of Creepshow and “Tales from the Crypt”. The anthology segments are authored by popular horror writer Jeff Strand (A Bad Day For Voodoo, Dweller), who promises “insanity and ghoulish comedy around every shadowy corner!”

Winner of 26 awards and honors, Filthy is a popular cult movie about a beautiful but heartless TV reporter lured into a creepy house on Halloween night, only to face horrors beyond imagination. Inside she is terrorized by a crazed family of hoarders who dwell in mounds of trash and is hunted by hallucinatory horrors such as “MeatMan” – a humanoid being sculpted of rotting meat pieces! The Psycho Dish is a bloody good story about a comedic cannibal who prefers a different type of fresh meat! Both Filthy and The Psycho Dish were filmed in the Tampa Bay area of Florida.

“This is going to be one of the biggest cinematic events in Tampa Bay history!” exclaims Lalino. “The fact Cult Movie Mania has arranged to screen Final Curtain, an historic Ed Wood lost film, and present it as a live Horror Anthology along with two other great movies is something no movie fan should miss – especially a horror movie fan!”

The place to be on May 4th is definitely the Screaming Cinema Series at the Tampa Pitcher Show, located at 14416 North Dale Mabry Highway, Tampa, Florida; (813) 963-0578. For a complete schedule, pricing information, and more, visit

Cult Movie Mania's Screaming Cinema Series Presents Ed Wood's Final Curtain

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