Trailer: Bloody Horror-Comedy ASKING FOR A FRIEND Arrives on ALTER June 10th

Real friends will help you dismember and hide the body.

With 15 wins and countless nominations, Edelweiss Film Productions is proud to announce that the award-winning dark comedy Asking For A Friend will be premiering online on June 10th on Gunpowder & Sky’s horror platform, ALTER. A simple question sparks the plot: If your friend asked you to help get rid of a dead body, would you do it? And even more importantly, how would you do it?

Check out the trailer and synopsis for Asking for a Friend and read more about the film below.

Blake and Q are childhood best friends, roommates, and well – soulmates. After a long day trying to maintain her #girlboss status at work, Blake’s one-track mind is solely set on the nachos Q has promised to make for dinner. In addition to the nachos, however, Q has also unexpectedly managed to kill someone in their apartment. Through a series of heavily graphic and hilarious situations, the girls tap into their inner serial killers and decide to handle the body themselves. Their naïveté and inexperience leads to a weekend full of accidental drugs, Saran Wrap, and body that, for whatever reason, will not stop bleeding. So hypothetically speaking – how do you get rid of a body? Asking for a friend…

Asking for a Friend is written and directed by Kelsey Bollig and stars Victoria Lacoste and Jacqueline Bell.

“I didn’t enter horror or filmmaking to prove a point or pave the way for women in a male dominated industry,” Bollig tells us, “but it’s a plus. Horror is a powerful tool to point out the flaws of our society while poking fun at them at the same time, which is why I think it’s so important to add the female perspective. While there are countless strong female characters – and even heroines within the horror genre, most female characters are still either killing out of revenge or using their sexuality. I want my characters to have deeper motives – or even no motive at all. Women can be unemotional psychopaths too. I think it’s time we make that clear.”


  • The body used in the film was a cast of Writer/Director Kelsey Bollig, created by Jason Hamer and Hiro Yada from Hamer fx, who also developed the bodies for American Horror Story‘s season “Roanoke”, as well as for acclaimed Sundance Films, Swiss Army Man and Wendy, as well as the Netflix series, Chambers.

“Since the whole idea came from wondering what it would be like to get rid of a dead body, I thought it would be funny to direct a movie where the body actually  looked like me.” — Kelsey Bollig

  • Considered to be one of the bloodiest films in festivals 2019, Asking For A Friend used over 60 gallons of fake blood, going mostly towards the now infamously hilarious body dismemberment scene and a blood rave scene.
  • In fact, Asking For A Friend’s body dismemberment scene is so graphic, it noticeably affected audience members – from spilled wine to rushing out of theatres to one audience member literally losing their lunch.

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