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Doctor Gash Hosts Dread Central’s Screening of American Maniacs on Constellation TV



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Fetch this! It’s that time again. Time for the return of Doctor Gash to the screening room to host Dread Central’s presentation of American Maniacs on on Friday, April 20th at 10 PM ET/7 PM PT.

American Maniacs was written by Trent Haaga, who also penned horror favorites Deadgirl and Chop. The film was directed by CM Downs and stars Ashlynn Yennie of The Human Centipede series. It’s the most recent film in the Doctor Gash hosted Dread Central film series on

Past screenings in the series have included the thriller Absentia and the documentary Cropsey, but this time we’re going for the throat with this brutal number. Certainly not for the faint of heart, if you have any doubts as to whether or not you can handle this film, you probably can’t.

To participate in the event, just head over to and set up a free account. From there you can purchase a ticket to the show which includes an intro via webcam by Doctor Gash, the film and a Q&A session afterward in which all things horror are discussed. Audience members are free to participate and contribute via chat throughout the evening. The Q&A session will go on for as long as the audience wants to participate. An entire evening of laughs, drinks and entertainment for under five dollars. You can’t beat it! (Bring your own drinks).

In a small Kansas town, country life is anything but simple or safe. The inhabitants are a volatile mix of hostile predators, violent ex-cons, meth-head strippers, perverted cops, and psychopathic murderers who raise flesh-eating dogs. They all underestimate each other, and for that… they all will pay!

Doctor Gash Hosts Dread Central's Screening of American Maniacs on Constellation TV

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