This Day in Horror History: FRIDAY THE 13TH: A NEW BEGINNING Was Released in 1985

On this date in 1985, the “Black Sheep” of the Friday the 13th franchise was released in US theaters. A New Beginning continued the story of Tommy Jarvis, still traumatized from his run-in with Mrs. Voorhees Baby Boy in The Final Chapter. Most often disregarded as “the one with the fake Jason”, A New Beginning (directed by Danny Steinmann) has nonetheless built a loyal cult following in the decades since it’s release (as “Black Sheeps” often do).

If it’s been a while, revisit the trailer and synopsis for Friday the 13th: A New Beginning below.

Years after Tommy Jarvis (John Shepard) murdered hockey-masked serial killer Jason Voorhees, he resides in a mental hospital and struggles with the trauma of the experience. When Tommy moves to an isolated halfway house, he has nightmares about Jason’s return, and soon one of the patients (Dominick Brascia) is killed. As the body count grows, Tommy begins to question his sanity and wonder if Jason has risen from the dead. But, to determine the killer’s identity, Tommy will need to survive.

One month prior to the film’s release in the United States, the MPAA demanded that sixteen scenes featuring sex or graphic violence be edited in order to merit an “R” rating instead of an “X”. The film ultimately required nine trips to the MPAA before finally being granted an “R” rating. There was originally a 3-minute long sex scene, but the MPAA forced them to cut it to 10 seconds. Deborah Voorhees lost teaching jobs later in life when the schools discovered her sex scene in the film. (Source)

The film was originally written to have Corey Feldman as the star, reprising the role of Tommy Jarvis. However, he was already working on The Goonies (1985), therefore the script was rewritten to have Feldman’s appearance limited to a cameo. (Source)

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