True Story of Body Found at Cobb Estate, Recently Featured on CHRONIC HORROR

In the last episode of Chronic Horror, Richard Trejo and I were joined by filmmaker/paranormal investigator Jose Prendes for a supernatural exploration of Cobb Estate in Southern California. While it was the show’s second “Field Trip” excursion, it stands alone in terms of tone and approach. Don’t get me wrong, it still oozed with stoner humor; but we made an effort to give the subject matter the reverence it deserves.

If you missed the Cobb Estate episode of Chronic Horror, you can give it a spin now below.

During the episode, Prendes recounts the story of a hiker who recently discovered a body on one of the Estate’s hiking trails. While the discovery of a body in Los Angeles isn’t exactly rare, the state of the corpse was alarming: Extremely decomposed. It was strange that the deceased woman could have remained undiscovered for so long on such a popular stretch of trails.

Lest you think Prendes was exaggerating, we’ve pulled some news reports for July 2019 that confirm his recount. First, it’s worth noting that the area’s supernatural reputation was addressed:

“A trail through the Cobb Estate, locally known as the “haunted forest,” leads to Echo Mountain in the Angeles National Forest. The lumber magnate Charles Cobb built a mansion on the property in 1918 before it was donated to the U.S. Forest Service in 1971,” KTLA reported.

The body was discovered by Jose Zarazua, who immediately informed the police. The community was stunned:

“We have never seen anything like that… This is a very popular trail with children and dogs and all kinds of people,” one hiker said.

The news was reported by multiple outlets (you can see CBS’s reporting embedded at the top of the article) and, though foul play was not suspected, the woman’s identity remains a mystery to this day. Who was she, where did she come from, and how did she remain undiscovered for so long in such a popular hiking area? We may never know.

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