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Japanese Cardboard Puppet Horror Films THE BURNING BUDDHA MAN and VIOLENCE VOYAGER Being Released In The UK This Summer

If you’re a fan of animated horror, we’ve got some news that will brighten your day. UK-based distributor Third Window Films announced on Twitter that they have acquired the rights to two obscure animated Japanese horror films, which will be released in the UK this summer.

The films in question are The Burning Buddha Man (2013) and Violence Voyager (2018), which were both directed by Ujicha. They were also both created entirely using hand drawn cardboard puppets, a process which has been dubbed ‘geki-mation’. During a Q&A screening of Violence Voyager in Japan, Ujicha even said that the entire movie was filmed on a desk, which must have been an incredibly painstaking process. As you can see in the trailers below, this is clearly a unique and interesting visual approach, and it means the films will quite literally be like nothing you’ve ever seen before.

The Burning Buddha Man (review) follows a young girl who unearths a terrible secret after a thief kills her parents and steals a precious Buddha statue, while Violence Voyager is about a group of friends who stumble upon a sinister amusement park deep in the mountains. Both films look gruesome and disturbing, with the cardboard puppetry clearly being used to optimise the creepy horror content. They took years to create, and the level of dedication is visible in every frame.

Those of you living in the US can already watch Violence Voyager on Amazon Prime, with the English voice cast including Kellen Goff, Derek Petropolis, and Cedric Williams. Third Window confirmed that they will release both movies in the UK between June and July, and we can’t wait. The unique art style already has us hooked, so we eagerly await more news about the release of these two distinctly unique animated horror films.

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Written by David Gelmini

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