Come On Down! A Demon is the Next Contestant on THE PRICE IS RIGHT

I am not a biblical scholar, but I’m pretty sure that demons appearing on The Price Is Right is one of the signs of the apocalypse.

Earlier this week, a demon not only appeared on the long-running game show, he made it down to Contestant’s Row and placed a bid – $666, of course. The demon’s name was George, which is not the most demony name I have ever heard. I would have expected something more along the lines of Pazuzu.

Anyway, this turned out to just be a bit of clever advertising for another CBS show, EvilEvil follows Kristen, a forensic psychologist who starts working with a church to prove – or disprove – miracles and demon possession. Kristen is not a believer, but she starts to falter when she and her daughter are visited by the Price is Right demon, George.

Despite this being an obvious advert, it didn’t stop people from getting freaked out and taking to Twitter.

The Season finale of Evil airs tonight on CBS.



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