1st Look at Artwork for British Horror Comedy PAINTBALL MASSACRE

Advertised as a true British dark comedy horror film at its finest, the long-awaited UK independent film Paintball Massacre has finally released its first look artwork. Brought to you by industry newcomers Infinity Film Studios and Boisterous Brothers Media, this film provides suspense, gore, and a few laughs along the way. If the synopsis is anything to go by we will be in for a real treat.

True British dark comedy horror at its finest. Providing suspense, gore and a few laughs along the way. When a group of old school friends from Mass Acre Prep School are reunited after 10 years, everything is not quite as it seems. An organised paintball trip ran by three smug marshals, led by Marshal Shelley (Katy Brand) puts them in the middle of nowhere, miles away from civilisation. The final game “Capture the fort” does not go according to plan and it is clear to them that there is a cold-blooded masked killer on the loose. With no real plan, they decide to make their way back to basecamp to try and call for help. Unintentionally getting split up does not improve their chances of survival, the killer proceeds to track down and kill each off one by one in the most intriguing way which links them to their profession. There are blood, guts, fire and explosions whilst each meets their gruesome untimely death. Who is this masked killer? Why the class of 2004? Has their past come to take it’s revenge? Questions then begin to be answered as the film takes an amazing turn and the twist is revealed. The last remaining school friends band together to lure the killer into a barn. Using any object they can lay their hands on to use as a weapon to aid them in the final kill or be killed fight to the death. Will anyone survive their 10th year school anniversary or is this the end of class of 2004?

Described as Hot Fuzz meets Dog Soldiers, Paintball Massacre written by Chris Regan, directed by Darren Berry and produced by Joe Hallett and Brendan Carr, brings together a collection of known faces and some very talented up and coming actors. This list includes British comedian actress Katy Brand, best known for her ITV2 Parody show Katy Brand’s Big Ass Show. Singer/actor Lee Latchford-Evans, most known as one fifth of hit pop band Steps previous credits include Dead Ringer and The Rizen. Horror fans will know the next name, Nicholas Vince the Hellraiser chatterer cenobite himself makes a memorable appearance. The list continues with Eat Locals actor Robert Portal and Black Hawk Downs’ very own Ian Virgo. Up and coming actors include actress Cheryl Burniston, Aoife Smyth, Natasha Killip, Ryan Winsley, Nathan Clough, Lockhart Ogilvie, Paul Holbrook and Tony Banham.

The key poster artwork designed by Arden Avett from Posterworks provides a hammer horror feel; give it a look-see below. Paintball Massacre seems to be bringing audiences back to those 80’s tongue in cheek horror classics with a modern twist.  Shot on location in the heart of the Somerset countryside, with a micro budget, this film is giving off all the right vibes.

PBM Poster 1 72 RGB 1024x1450 - 1st Look at Artwork for British Horror Comedy PAINTBALL MASSACRE

Producer Joe Hallett adds “This film has been a real labour of love for everyone involved. It has taken several years to get to this stage. Loads of blood (literally) sweat and tears have gone into this production. We cannot wait to share our creation with the World!”

Release is set for 2020.

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Written by Josh Millican

Josh Millican is the Editor in Chief at Dread Central.

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