Trailer: Hit Show CHRONIC HORROR Returning for More “Hits”

Remember, you don’t have to smoke to be a Chronic Horror fan!

Last October, Dread Central launched Chronic Horror, a web series talk show that explores the intersection of horror movie fandom and cannabis culture. Guests are imbibed before being treated to gourmet, horror-themed munchies (courtesy of the Homicidal Homemaker) and a terrifying flick. Hilarity often ensues. The response has been tremendous, and we’re proud to announce a fresh batch of new episodes are coming soon!

NewChronic Horror episodes will launch this Monday, February 3rd. For a taste of what awaits you, check out the trailer embedded at the top of the article.


Chronic Horror Josh and Munchies - Trailer: Hit Show CHRONIC HORROR Returning for More "Hits"

Highlights from the upcoming episodes include: Sadie Katz (Wrong Turn 6) freaking out over Terrifier; musician/comedian Hairy Soul Man getting high DIY style; a paranormal hike through Cobb Estate; and our first-ever “Live” episode filmed at Hollywood’s Arena Cinelounge. Foul-mouthed puppet and Chronic Horror mascot Mr. Munchies will be back, along with Ms. Thang, a disembodied hand with an entire cannabis dispensary down in her “magic” stash box.

The uninitiated can get caught up on previous episodes ofChronic Horror on YouTube, HERE. You can also see the series on the free DREAD App (links below).

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Stay up to date on all Chronic Horror news by following the show on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Media inquiries can be directed to Chronichorror@gmail.com.

Chronic Horror Poster - Trailer: Hit Show CHRONIC HORROR Returning for More "Hits"

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